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medical – cost saving tips | Project:Living™ Health Fund Café

Simple tips for making the most of the Health Fund plan to save you money.

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Check out these smart patient tips before your next doctor visit to guarantee you’re receiving the best care at the best price.

Choose in-network providers to save money. When choosing physicians, we always encourage you to use high-quality performing in-network providers. Find doctors at myCigna.com or myUHC.com or through the Cigna and UnitedHealthcare mobile apps.

You’ll get the best care with someone who has proven, high-quality outcomes and is mindful of costs — so you can have a little more peace of mind.

Save money and stay healthy by taking advantage of FREE preventive care and screenings at no cost to you.

Free screenings include:

  • Yearly Adult/Child Physicals
  • Child Immunizations
  • Age & Gender-Related Screenings
  • Flu Shot & Vision Exam

View the Preventive Care Guidelines for the full list of preventive screenings.

Print out the Preventive Care Guidelines and review it with your doctor to find out if you will be charged extra when they suggest additional services. No more surprise charges or bills after your visit!

Quick Tip: Avoid receiving a bill! Talk to your doctor and make sure they code your free preventive care visit correctly so that you don’t receive a bill later on.

It’s very important to take care of yourself, so if you can’t pay for medical expenses in full, talk to your doctor about setting up a monthly payment plan that works for you. Suggest a dollar amount you are comfortable with. For example, “I will pay you $50 a month until the bill is paid in full.”

Quick Tip: Use the money in your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay your bill monthly. Or if you have enough money in your HSA account, you can pay the amount in full with your HSA debit card.

Use the Healthcare Cost Estimator Tools on myUHC.com or myCigna.com to learn how much common procedures will cost before you go. If you don’t see a particular service you are looking for, contact your health plan directly.

If you think you may need an expensive surgery, consider other treatment options such as physical therapy or medication therapy. Your health plan has a team of nurses that can help you understand your options. Additionally, the Johns Hopkins Managing Cancer at Work Nurse Navigator can help you with cancer treatment options.

And, of course, if you feel you need more information, consider getting a second opinion.

You may not always understand the terminology your doctor is using, but asking the right questions is key to being a smart patient and saving you money. For example, if your doctor recommends you have a diagnostic test, like an MRI, it’s okay to ask if it’s necessary or if there is a lower-cost alternative.

They may be reaching out to you because they are reviewing your claim payments and they may see a gap in care or they’re checking to see if you have questions. Your health plan is interested in both your care and how to keep your cost down.

Use free resources to save money on potentially unnecessary medical expenses. For example, instead of taking a trip to the emergency room when it may not be a true emergency, you might consider calling your health plan’s Nurseline or visiting a doctor or PB medical staff virtually through the Amwell platform.

For a detailed list of free services to use with your plan, click here.

For more detailed information about covered services and benefits under the Health Fund plan, review the Summary Plan Description available at PB BenefitConnect or contact your health plan directly.

UnitedHealthcare: 1-800-662-1372

Cigna: 1-855-748-6393

You should never avoid necessary care. But when it comes to saving those health care dollars, being a smart patient means being informed.

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